Eczema is a skin condition that commonly affects children, and your child may be suffering from it if you find red patches of skin with small bumps or flaky, scaly skin. The affected areas may also itch, and your child may not resist the urge to scratch it. However, excessive scratching may lead to infection, resulting in painful red bumps with pus. You can help your child alleviate the discomfort of Eczema with moisturisers.

AQUATO is a special baby skincare formula made from seaweed extract that provides moisture for dry and sensitive skin. It is gentle on the skin and is formulated with no colorants, preservatives, perfume or paraben.

The star ingredient in AQUATO, Fucoidan, is a seaweed extract that has an amazing moisturising effect on the skin. Its properties were first discovered on Yongcho island in Korea. On Yongcho island there lived a child named Jinwha, who suffered from eczema. The child’s condition worsens in winter, where the skin gets drier and he would scratch the affected areas frequently, making the problem worse.

The family has tried several different moisturising creams in hopes of improving his condition, but none made a difference. However, by a curious turn of event, his eczema improved and disappeared. Turns out Jinwha’s grandmother had been lovingly bathing him with seaweed water every day, and that helped soothe and heal the boy’s skin.

This sparked interest in the properties of the seaweed, and Fucoidan was found to be the key ingredient that brought about this change in the boy’s condition. The main ingredients in AQUATO, Fucoidan (Seaweed) and glycosaminoglycan (Sea Squirt), are registered in the international patent organization.

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