With the Circuit Breaker measures slowly easing off, students will now be easing into the new norm as they resume classes in schools. With increased exposure and contact with the public, it is important to be extra vigilant and keep up with good hygiene practices to reduce possible risks. 

Give your child additional protection with Argasol. Argasol Kids antimicrobial formula protects your child from bacterial and fungal infections. This food grade gel also provides 4-hour continuous protection. It is also great for baby and kid-related issues like diaper rash, minor cuts and burn and insect bites. Also available in Surface Disinfectant – great for sanitizing and disinfecting!

Argasol Kids

At home, remember to boost the family’s natural defences against illnesses. Vitamin C & D are great for boosting your immunity. According to healthline.com, Vitamin D helps fight disease including reduced likelihood of developing the flu, reduce depression, and boosting weight-loss efforts. Vitamin C is commonly used for immunity boosting efforts, but aside from that, it is also useful in other areas such as lowering disease risk, prevent iron deficiency, and protects from age-related memory loss.

Pure Encapsulations is a practitioner-grade supplement brand that manufactures hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements in the United States using high quality non-GMO ingredients. Write to us at [email protected] to find out more about the supplements. We have also put together a Homecare Immunity Booster Pack developed by Dr Adem Gunes, a specialist in Integrative Oncology, who has decades of experience in helping cancer patients boost their immunity for their fight with cancer. Find out more about the Homecare Pack here.

Homecare Immunity Booster Pack

Aside from dietary supplements, bone broths are also a rich nutrient source, and Nutra Organics broths are as delicious as they are nutritious. There are three types of broths available to choose from, beef, chicken and vegetable. 

Nutra Organics Nutritious Broths

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